Established in 1990, the Studio of Gale A. Fields offers a full range of Architectural programming, planning, design, drafting and document processing services, as well as, administration of the construction contract documents, pre-construction reviews, constructability analysis and contract negotiations, construction observation services, and post-construction analysis.

Best known for its imaginative and unique solutions, relative to difficult site conditions, with limited space availability and economic constraints, the California based firm has built a reputation of design excellence through a wide range of projects and scales, including the various levels of Residential Single-family and Multi-family projects, Senior Citizen housing and Congregate Care facilities, as well as Commercial Office, Community & Recreational, Mixed-use, Medical, and Hospitality projects.

 The Studio believes in the power of Architecture to construct and facilitate experiences that enlighten the soul and raise the sensibilities through the appropriate use of archetype aesthetics, geometric proportions, and material characteristics; yet is receptive to the many development goals and constraints. The Studio’s work focuses on creating a concept theme that embodies the particulars and idiosyncrasies of the Client’s needs/wants program, the public & political climates, and the environmental context, to yield Form that ultimately transforms into Architecture which Function is appropriate to the programmed contextual parameters and conditions of the Development-enterprise.

 It is a Design process that involves a multi-disciplinary approach and close collaboration with the Client, and the Team-consultant designers, engineers, and construction trades; to achieve the greatest possible results. It is a process that invokes revelation to achieve realization, it elicits surprise, imagination, poetry, and seduction while fulfilling a basic human desire to shape its surroundings with the experience of well-being, success and prosperity. It is a design process particular to Architecture, and its Architects, Builders, and Clients, who are its form-givers, expressing the arts & sciences on a canvas of societal utopia. The design solutions do not always have the luxury of space, or the high-end and newest materials, nor the pacification of the status quo; but the solution is always appropriate to the Designed and Programmed needs/wants of the Client, with the intent of success, profit, and prosperity for the Client and the Development-enterprise.