The idea of form transcending its traditional engineering principals to house human activities, which are not just physical and utilitarian, but also cultural and spiritual. Practicing the belief that family life, the processes of government and commerce, education & research, and religious worship, are all responsible and dignified human activities. All involving human relationships and values, evaluation and standards, cultural traditions and spiritual aspirations. To ignore them is to reduce humanity to merely its physical components and acts. To recognize and promote them is the distinctive task of Architecture.

Extending from this philosophy is the basic goal of achieving attractive, economical and easily constructed design solutions that maintain full respect for the environmental context and human values. In the final analysis, Architecture is achieved that fulfills our Client’s program, time/budget constraints, as well as appropriate form & function as they relate to the user groups & our environment.



With over 30-years of Architectural experience, the Studio services covers a diverse range of the design field inclusive of master planning, programming & space planning, conceptual design, and facilities planning. The Studio's project design & management services include long range master plan studies for small difficult sites, to large complex facilities; the many areas of attached & detached Residential Housing developments; as well as light-commercial Office, Community & Recreational, Mixed-use, Medical, Restoration, and Hospitality projects.

 Of equal importance to the Design solution is the production of good-looking, finely-detailed, standardized drawings. From the beginning of services, the focus is not only on the design-process, but also the drawing & documentation process, the plan processing & approval process, and the construction methods & materials. The Studio takes great pride to produce logical, clean drawings that utilize consistent CAD formatting, and yields access for 3D-modeling and BIM-processing, to give our Clients the detailed design and construction documentation they may need.


Other Things:

E'LAN Award of Merit, Best Single Family Detached Housing, +2,000 sf.

E'LAN Award of Merit, Best Multi-Family Attached Housing, under 2,000 sf.

Gold Nugget Award of Merit, Best Single Family Detached Housing, 2,000 sf.

Southern CA Restaurant Writers Award, L'opera Restaurant, Irvine, CA

Southern CA Rest. Writers Award, The Madison Restaurant, Long Beach, CA

Appreciation Award, Multi-Family Housing, Nehemiah West Housing Corp.

Community Development Award, Residential Housing, Harambee Dev. Corp.